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Senin, 09 Juli 2012

Minyak Akar Wangi (Vetiver Root Oil/Andropogon Zizanioides)

Oil vetiver (Vetiver Root Oil / Andropogon zizanioides), is one of the regions typical commodity Garut relatively new, as well as green tea and tobacco which are part of the plantation sub-sector. Vetiver oil has a bright prospect to be developed because it has a comparative advantage is still open, competitive and market share, both domestic and overseas markets.
Vetiver cultivation in Garut Regent's decision was based on the Main Page Number: 520/SK.196-HUK/96 dated August 6, 1996, which sets them vetiver plantation area and its development by the area of ​​2400 hectares and are scattered in four districts, the districts Samarang area of ​​750 ha, covering an area of ​​210 ha Bayongbong District, covering an area of ​​240 ha Cilawu District, and District area of ​​750 ha Leles. Of the development area, the area under cultivation in each year at an average of 12 400 ha with vetiver oil producing an average of 54 tons. Recorded in the year 2400 ha of plantation land size, vetiver oil producing as much as 72 tons.

Vetiver development activities involving 4027 members of the community (family head) consisting of 1964 men and 2063 as the owner of the farmers / cultivators. They were joined in the 28 farmer groups that spread in the District Samarang and Pasirwangi 18 Farmers Group, Leles 5 Farmers Group, Farmers Group and Cilawu 4 Bayongbong 1 Farmers Group. The number of processors or refiners as much as 33 units scattered in the District Samarang and Pasirwangi 21 units, Leles 9 unit, and Cilawu Bayongbong 1 unit 2 unit.As one of the basic material for the manufacture of perfumes and other cosmetics, vetiver oil marketing until recently had no major obstacles. Garut vetiver oil production capacity in accordance with its all absorbed by the market at reasonable prices (the price in accordance with prevailing rates), However, the actual price can still be optimized again, if the quality is optimized.

To date in accordance with existing data, which absorbs the overseas market Garut vetiver oil products are entrepreneurs from Asia, Europe and America in particular countries such as Singapore, India, Japan, Hong Kong, England, Holland, Germany, Italy, Switzerland , and the United States. Export opportunities for the marketing of vetiver oil that is still quite open, especially exports to South Asia and East Asia, Eastern Europe and South America. Especially when you consider that the number of the manufacturer or a competitor countries in the international market is still very limited.

Currently the only country that mengbangkan Borbon Tahitti and the same type of commodity. Vetiver oil production from Garut including nominative world, but production is still very limited in both technology and capital. In the last year the sales value of vetiver oil exports amounted to 23 520 kg valued at U.S. $ 1,516,208.00. Although the volume of exports has increased from an originally worth 1,175,920.00, but the production capacity of exports declined from the previous year to reach 29 100 kg.Some of the problems arising in connection with the development of vetiver oil commodities, among others:

A. Commodity trade system path vetiver is still too long, especially if associated with the presence of the broker (broker);
2. Lack of cooperation among fellow owner / manager of refining, the limitations of the owners of capital, and access to capital;
3. Adequate mastery of technology limitations, so that the resulting quality of vetiver oil is still relatively low.Source: District Government Main Page

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