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"PICNIC DODOL GARUT - We produce goods in accordance with the standards has been the commitment, namely to maintain the quality, so the quality is reliable and dare to compete "

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"PICNIC DODOL GARUT - We produce goods in accordance with the standards has been the commitment, namely to maintain the quality, so the quality is reliable and dare to compete "

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"PICNIC DODOL GARUT - We produce goods in accordance with the standards has been the commitment, namely to maintain the quality, so the quality is reliable and dare to compete "

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"PICNIC DODOL GARUT - We produce goods in accordance with the standards has been the commitment, namely to maintain the quality, so the quality is reliable and dare to compete "

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"PICNIC DODOL GARUT - We produce goods in accordance with the standards has been the commitment, namely to maintain the quality, so the quality is reliable and dare to compete "

Minggu, 24 Juni 2012


Fingers began to plays rhythm and circular pattern movement from the hands of a craftsman. Pretty, unique and exotic but unfortunately pottery has just superannuated.
The activity of people who were harvesting their rice seemed so simple but still it stunned our eyes when we watched it.
We were once astonished when seeing it. A view with philosophy of peace and prosperity which comes down from God. We would like stay any longer but what can we say? We must go back on the track which full of rocks.
After approximately an hour trip from the center town of Garut, finally we arrived in Sandang Village, Cangkuang District, Garut.
Again, we were astonished watching the green view of this fascinating scenery. The air was still fresh. The river was also still clear, flowing calmly as if it resignedly followed the current to the midriff. The birds chirped to each other as if they were welcoming our arrival.
Our partner seemed impatient to capture the beauty of the nature with his favorite camera.
Sandang Gentong Village is one of the settlements where the people work as pottery craftsman from generation to generation.
One of them, Istiqomah or commonly called as Iis who has been sustained her ancestor’s tradition as a craftsman for 20 years. Pottery is a name used to call clay materials which are baked with certain temperature degree.
This two-child mom admitted that she gained the skill purely from observing and trying out and also from hereditary gift. “In the beginning, it was difficult to make pottery, beside that it requires great patience, mood that we feel plays important role in the making process”, said Iis (32 years old) to Health n Tourism.
Iis added that when we are in the bad mood then the result would be broken into smithereens or ‘Pagujud teu Pararuguh’ (Sundanese language). As if our hands could talk, expressing what was inside our heart.
The tools being used were quite simple. Iis and the people around the Sandang Gentong Village didn’t need paddle and wheel as the rotator. They depended merely on the skill of their hands in processing clay dough into ready to use goods like jars d mortar. Indeed, they deserve the epithet “tenacious and skillful craftsmen”.
In the process, they only used three kinds of supporting tools, they were: wooden boards the platform, carving tool from bamboo skin, and softener made from stone. The function of the platform was to put the dough which was ready to form based on the shape of the desired object. The platform could be rotated to the left or right in accordance to the desired shape pattern. We can say that the platform has the same function with the rotator.
The carving tool was made Bamboo skin with different size of circular shape. It served as the carver of the inside or outside part of the object surface so that it would have flat surface. The softener made from stone served as smoother for the surface. After that, the object was dried. The baking process took only 4-6 hours.
The weather could be a good friend and enemy as well for the craftsmen since the drying process really depended on the solar energy. When the waeher was good, the drying process could be done within one day. “Sometimes weather often became an obstacle when we were working with deadline doing large numbers of orders”, said Iis.
Unfortunately, the distribution for these pottery crafts is limited since technologically people needs are fulfilled with various products of factories. A question raised in my mind, how to save this scarce pottery making tradition from extinction. ES
source: Tourism and Health Magazine

Souvenir from Garut

Suvenir Garut
In the and of holiday, you should bring home some souvenirs. In Garut, you can bring home not only dodol but also many other unique and interesting souvenirs. What are they? You would feel strange when you arrived at home with empty hands (without souvenirs) from travelling. Moreover, the situation would be more complicated when your colleagues knew and they had already asked for souvenirs.

Before I left to Garut, I thought that dodol was the only souvenir that I can give to my colleagues. But after I got in the leather stuff centre, I changed my mind. I just realized that there were so many foods and trinkets can be bought for souvenirs. When we are talking about souvenirs from Garut, there are various typical culinary which are available in the shops up to cadgers along the road from Garut to Bandung. You can by various types of dodol here, from the classic type to the latest one. They are available in various flavors. Sale pisang, and various crackers like dorogdog are sold here in great quantity. The prices are relatively cheap; it won’t drain your wallet anyway.

For fashion shopping, Garut is different from Bandung which has many factory outlets or distro that spread all over its region. You will find many differences which would make you feel proud since what you find in Garut are not available in other regions. The differences are in product’s appearance, shape, up to their design especially for products of craft and products with local raw materials. For the example, their leather jacket products are famous in other countries. Try to walk a long Jalan Ahmad Yani in Sukaregang, Garut. You can buy a leather jacket with better quality compare to leather jackets sold in the mall. Meanwhile, for you who want to get a feminine look, you can choose and buy Garutan batik with elegant pattern with genuine Garut silk which is famous since the colonialism era in the past.

And for you who like to decorate each corner of your house, you can buy fragrant roots craft in Jalan Pakuwon region to give a sweet touch to your house.
You can by anything you like as long it fits your budget and meets your needs since there are many interesting and unique options in Garut to be taken home as souvenirs. Enjoy your hunting… ES
source : Tourism and Health Magazine

Curug Malela, the Niagara Mini in Bandung, West Java

curug malela-1
So much natural beauty which belonged to Indonesia, unfortunately not all of these are natural tereksplore. One of which is contained in Curug Malela Bandung, West Java.
The natural beauty that never existed in gali, inexhaustible to be my kembalilagi to alasana to tatar Sunda. A land which is not only rich in culture, but also the beauty of the landscapes. One of them is Curug Malela.
Curug is a beautiful Malela curug in Kampung Manglid, village of Cicadas, Cavities, West Bandung Regency. To achieve the necessary struggle curug is not easy. You have to travel approx. 3 hours time to enter the estate Montaya, at an altitude of 1000 mdpl.
It was not until in situ, the brutal conditions of the road after crossing the junction kubang. Large sharp rocks into roadblocks along the 3 km to the parking area curug. The challenge to curug gets bigger when the rainy season arrived because there are some parts of the road an easy avalanche. So, we recommend that you take your jeep with a spare tire that is ready to use.
curug malela-2
Following up parking, you still have to walk about 1 km down the hills and passes through the paddy fields of the population. The long struggle to reach curug will paid off already when You arrive on site.

The beauty of Curug Malela directly eliminate tiredness during the journey. So beautiful, this is called by the term curug Niagara Mini at the western end of Bandung. Secured was blown away!
Curug Malela has 70 meters wide with a height of 60 meters. The name itself comes from the name Malela community leaders around, namely Lord Spurs Malela. The tomb of this can be found at the top of the cliff right curug. The cliffs are said to have the age of 5 until bebatuannya range 10 million this year, formed by Ancient volcanic eruptions that used to be found in the South Island.

If the opportunity comes to curug, you should try the freshness of the water. But it must be observed, avoid swimming just below the flow of a waterfall, because quite dangerous. If you want to swim, You can try in an area not far from the fall of the waterfall, where there is a quieter water flow.
Don’t forget to bring supplies of food and drink, because at this location there is not a seller. But don’t forget to bring back the resulting waste, because there is not a trash can.

Who Said Indonesia Had No Pyramids!

Who Said Indonesia Had No Pyramids-1
The puzzle of the pyramid in the mountain Pastures and the mountain Sadahurip, were still invited experts debate. But did you know, if Indonesia does already have a pyramid. Even more than one!
Rather difficult indeed if we insist on making the pyramids in Egypt as a form of reference pyramid. In fact, a number of archaeological experts say a typical pyramid-shaped step pyramid in Indonesia or punden gate.
With this definition, here are 4 typical pyramid detikTravel, Indonesia gathered Monday (20/2/2012):
1. Temple of Borobudur in Central Java
This is the largest Buddhist temple in the world! The grandeur of its architecture makes this temple a world heritage site of UNESCO and was nominated for the New 7 Wonders version of historic buildings, but lost.
The temple was built in Magelang in the 8th century by King Samaratungga of Sailendra dynasty Dynasty pyramid has 6 floors and symmetrical circular Terrace level 4, high total of 34.5 meters. Starting from the terrace of the square at the very bottom, the ride is getting narrowed with the calculation of the geometric sequence very precision get to the top and invites awestruck decak archaeologists.
Of the 72 stupas on the top of the temple arranged circular, making people forget about is essentially shaped Borobodur Temple pyramid.
Who Said Indonesia Had No Pyramids-2
2. Candi Sukuh, Central Java
The temple located in the slopes of Mount Lawu, Karanganyar is awesome. Aztec or Mayan pyramids of imagine in Central America, as that’s the shape of Candi Sukuh!
Cool atmosphere could be felt around the Candi Sukuh. Understandably, its location was at the height of 1.186 mdpl and amongst the expanse of tea gardens.
Candi Sukuh has a sexuality-themed reliefs. However, the architecture of the temple is a thumbs up. The temple is the pyramid shape of the bottom of the gate with a staircase in the Center and Summit of the flat. Exactly with the Aztec or Mayan pyramids.
Whether the Candi Sukuh showed no contact of the archipelago to the civilizations of Central America. Scientists have not been able to answer the mystery of Candi Sukuh that one.
3. Ancient Pugung Raharjo Park, Lampung
Pugung Raharjo at the Old Park Regency East Lampung is a complex of historic relic sites of Hinduism, Buddhism and Islam as well. There are many statues, inscriptions, the altar stone and a pyramid with the model punden with staircase.
Pugung Raharjo at the gate of a pyramid made of mound of land that is now cultivated green grass that preppy, not a pile of rocks such as Borobudur or Sukuh. While the stones on the gate at Pugung Raharjo, punden serves as a staircase and parapet around this pyramid and divide it into 3 parts punden with staircase, which is the bottom, middle and top.
4. Site of Lebak, Banten Cibedug
Perhaps many who do not know the prehistoric sites in the National Park of Lebak Cibedug Gunung Halimun, Lebak Regency, Banten. But here there are pyramids which again with the model punden with staircase.
From the official website, bantenculturetourism.com, cultural and tourism site of Lebak Cibedug covers an area of 2 hectares. But alas, the site of Lebak Cibedug isn’t easy to reach. It took a road trip from 4.5 hours to Attack the village of West Citorek, Kab Lebak, the nearby villages of Lebak pyramid Cibedug. From there, the trip continues with a walk as far as 9 km!
Indeed, the weakness of infrastructure is not a new story in the Regency of Lebak are criticized for letting the bridge almost collapsed is used by children to attend school. However, as a result, the pyramid of Lebak are near Cibedug outside the tourism radar.
Whereas a gate punden perform amazing with Lebak Cibedug trees already growing among the rocks of his pyramid. This makes the site of Lebak Cibedug so similar-similar to Angkor Wat in Cambodia or Thailand in Ayutthaya are overgrown with trees.
So, while we wait for the good news from a team of scientists on a mountain Pasture and Sadahurip, there is no harm in another pyramid used to visit us first existed in Indonesia!

Sabtu, 23 Juni 2012

Sampireun Village : Heaven for Family and HoneyMooner

Sampireun Village : Heaven for Family

Being in Sampireun seems like staying, in a private island. Why? It si because with enclave concept, Sampireun was closed from the surrounding environment. No one could enter without permission, for that reason our privacy is so maintained.
I could see a mother with her children were so happy boarded a boat around the lake. Cheerfulness was drawn in thief face. Each guest who stays here can enjoy the lake with boats which are available in the bungalow. During your time on the boat, thousand of gold fish will accompany you, their colors would tempt you to touch them.
The facilities and the comforts are categorized in the top rank. The calmness and the silence of the villages is very strong, a right choice to break away your fatigue. Pampering your self with Sari Royal Heritage Spa, natural swimming pool and lunches on the deck. The new facilities “Children Playground” would complete the joy of your children when they are having their vacation in Sampireun Village.

Sampireun Village : Heaven for HoneyMooner

Talking about honeymoon, it is the moment which each newlywed couple is longing for. They are also longing for romantic, quiet situation and for sure, all the moments should be kept in happiness to make them unforgettable memories.
Mild atmosphere with temperature between 120 C up to 180 C with “Back to Nature” concept makes Sampireun Village as one of the best honeymoon destinations for you and your lover.
The bamboo trees are rustling when the wind blows like a nature symphony. This symphony will accompany you and your lover when both of you are walking around Sampireun Village. For your information, I haven’t mentioned the candle night dinner on the raft boat. Hmmm… it definitely would bring warmth to you and your lover. Romantic, isn’t it?
Sampireun Village “Like in Heaven” is full with its charming nature beauty and typical style of traditional village yet still with professional service like in starred hotel. It makes Sampireun Village a vacation destination with beautiful environment that you must conquer. For you who want to spend sometimes with your lover, Sampireun Village would give you romantic side that you are looking for . ES
source : Tourism and Health Magazine

Jumat, 22 Juni 2012


As one of the cities in West Java that is famous for the products of leather jacket, Garut also have magnificent view of nature with its unique potentials from the beaches up to the seven volcanoes which are surrounding the region. In fact, in the 1920s, Garut was famous and named as “Switzerland van Java” for its incredible nature charm with exotic contour and mild clean air, making this city as one of the destinations that you should visit.
The beauty of its nature led us into this dodol city. What a small, mild, gentle and full sentimental romantic nature touch city it was. Beside for family tour, Garut is also the right choice for you and other couples who want to spend your time together with your lover in your honeymoon time. There are numbers of tourism objects that offer millions of charms so that every single moment you spend with your lover is meaningful and memorable.
For you who need the warm village atmosphere with top hotel facilities touch and strong romantic nuance, Kampung Sampireun (Sampireun Village) and Bukit Alamanda (Alamanda Hill) are better choices for honeymoon.
Its was our pride to enjoy the beauty of Santolo Beach which wass still “virgin” live from the beach through a 3-hour trip to South Garut, riding through the path between mountain cliffs with winding roads contour. But the green view of the hills along the way really removed our fatigue in this trip. It was a beautiful beach and even more when the government really maintained it well. We are sure that this beach would be a competitor for Kuta Beach in Bali.
And behind its legendary story, Situ Bagendit (Bagendit Dam) still have its exotic nature charm. When you visit it with your lover, go ahead… to enjoy the sunset on the raft boat, just the two of you. It is beautiful, isn’t it?
Although it was just for awhile, the nature charm of Garut had instantly stuck in our heart and it would be an unforgettable moment. Garut seemed to have hypnotized to stay there, away from our intense daily routines. Through this 41th edition we would like to share our experience and stories we had in this Switzerland of Java to all readers. Enjoy your reading… Enjoy your trip!!!
source : Tourism and Health Magazine


Along the way, our eyes were stunned enjoying the beautiful view. These scenery of nature and hereditary culture seemed to be invisible for us who mingled with crowds in the down town. It is a bit of the description which represents what we experienced when we visited Garut, West Java.
We rode the latest version of Mitsubishi Pajero Sport on various road contours which inclined and also steep and rocky tracks in order to collect various interesting stories for the readers. We had a lot of stories from this region which is famous with its Dodol. From its beautiful scenery, its unique typical foods up to its timeless culture and customs.
For four days in that city, we gathered many interesting stories and lessons which could be written for this magazine or just remained in our memories as a life experience. People in Garut was very nice, the tourism potentials were also stunning. For you who are really love travelling, you don’t need to go abroad. Just come here, there are so many tourism objects that you can enjoy like Santolo Beach, Situ Bagendit or many other beautiful nature of Garut that remains untouchable.
Because of its beauty, a comedian, Charlie Chaplin even visited Garut twice. He was really amazed to its beautiful nature. Foreigners often named this city as Switzerland van Java. The immigrants from Europe even called it with “mooi” expression which means gorgeous. They often stayed in Dolce Villa, Papandayan hotel, and also Ngamplang Hotel and so did Charlie Chaplin. Even more, at that time Queen Wilhelmina (Dutch) had a special retreat in Palalangan region. Palalangan are rows of hills which are located in Leles District. Below this place, there is a situ Cangkuang (artificial lake) Which is 15 km away from the town center of Garut.
Meanwhile, Situ/Dam Bagendit was often used as a base for cesna amphibian plane, resort and also as a hiding place for APRA officers like Van Dheer Plas and Van Dheer Bode. So, now wonder if we served the beauty and the elegance of Garut to you, all our beloved readers. Enjoy reading! ES
source : Tourism and Health Magazine


The historical and ancient legacies in Kabuyutan Ciburuy site come from classic and megalitihic era. It proves the glory of Garut in the past. The trip to Ciburuy Village, Pamalang hutment, Bayongkong District can be reached for an hour from the town of Garut. The road is smooth and asphalted.
This village used to be a battle arena for Prabu Kiansantang (the son of Prabu Siliwangi) to fight against the warlords in Java island. This village also keeps the historical treasures in the form of cultural heritages in Kabuyutan site. The size of Kabuyutan Ciburuy site is like a mini museum. There are three traditional houses; among them is Bumi Padaleman which keeps ancient palm leaf manuscript. There is also Bumi Patoman which keeps weapon like keris (dagger), kujang and trident and also music instrument Gong Renteng which became forerunner for Degung traditional art in present day. Amd the last is Li, bung Padi (granary) in which people kept their paddy crop.
Once upon a time, it used to be a battle fight arena by Prabu Kiansantang. One day he found a keris and he had a revelation to stick it in a rock. Then, water came out flowed from the rock. From the revelation also, he banded the keris with his turban, then he drowned the turban so that the keris stopped at a point.
In the place where the keris was stopped Prabu Kiansantang met his true rival. From all previous opponents, Prabu Kiansantang met his true rival. From all previous opponents, Prabu Kiansantang never lose a battle until this man, the messenger of Sayyidin Ali, H.Mustafa came. Then they fought. And this time, Prabu Kiansantang must admit the H. Mustafa’ victory and lost the battle.
After Prabu Kiansantang was defeated, H.Mustafa told him to go to the holy land to meet Sayyidina Ali and then all Prabu Kiansantang’s weapons were left in Ciburuy. If you visit Ciburuy Village, you can see cultural heritages like: keris, bende (bronze bells), kujang (the weapon of Prabu Siliwangi), trident, spear, and ancient Javanese manuscript which was written by Prabu Kiansantang on nipa and palm leaves.
Unfortunately, the manuscript collection Ciburuy in Village is not too popular among the people although Ciburuy-Bayongbong Garut is the only heritage of ancient Sundanese scriptorium which survives until now. The condition of these ancient Sundanese manuscripts was very bad if you see the maintenance. You are not allowed to visit Ciburuy Village on Friday and Saturday, so better come at the other days. ES
source : Tourism and Health Magazine