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"PICNIC DODOL GARUT - We produce goods in accordance with the standards has been the commitment, namely to maintain the quality, so the quality is reliable and dare to compete "

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"PICNIC DODOL GARUT - We produce goods in accordance with the standards has been the commitment, namely to maintain the quality, so the quality is reliable and dare to compete "

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"PICNIC DODOL GARUT - We produce goods in accordance with the standards has been the commitment, namely to maintain the quality, so the quality is reliable and dare to compete "

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"PICNIC DODOL GARUT - We produce goods in accordance with the standards has been the commitment, namely to maintain the quality, so the quality is reliable and dare to compete "

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"PICNIC DODOL GARUT - We produce goods in accordance with the standards has been the commitment, namely to maintain the quality, so the quality is reliable and dare to compete "

Jumat, 13 Juli 2012


Garut has various special and unique traditional culinary. Burayot is one of them. Unfortunately, its existence has faded away. Somehow, luckily there are still some people who are still care with this ancestor’s legacy.
Its size is small, but the taste is really strong. My tongue seemed to get a great fight when my mouth was chewing this black chake. Dodol from Garut, the taste really make my tongue never stop dancing.

Made form the mixture of sticky rice and sugar, this traditional cake is well known for its special taste which is different from other similar cake from other region. No wonder if Garut is also named The city of Dodol.

If you visit Garut, you will easily find this cake in every corner of souvenirs and special culinary. The price and the taste are varied from Dodol with sphere shape up to oval shape. But among all brands in the market, its name was Picnic. There is Legendary and Popular one since long time a go.

The name is Dodol Picnic.Iton Damiri was the one started to run this business in 1949. His determination is simple yet noble. “He just wanted to make Dodol as the consumption of people in the city. At that time, there was a famous shop in the middle of the market, its name was Picnic. This shop provided imported snacks. The customers mostly were the rich people. Seeing this opportunity, Iton tried to sell his dodol in this shop.”, said H.Ato Hermanto, the directure of PT. Herlinah Cipta Pratama to Health n Tourism.
His efforts worked well, Iton had changed dodol which used to be a country culinary becoming a famous national product for people from Garut and outside of Garut region as well. Even more, the rice people in that area started to take dodol as a snack for their guests and relatives.

Seeing a promising market at the time, in 1957, his brother, Aam Mawardi had an idea to name the products of hid dodol after the name of the shop, Picnic. “it’s means travelling or tourism. So that people who are traveling would always remember dodol as a souvenir,” added H.Ato with his strong Sundanese accent.
The success of this sibilings brought positive effects to culinary in Garut. Indirectly, their business makes dodol as the culture of Garut. Has grown into a giant industry, this business is now run by H.Ato Hermanto as the 2nd generation.

To preserve the existence of dodol, Picnic which has survived for decades, H.Ato Hermanto  creates innovations to adjust the market trend. “To maintain our customer’s satisfaction and keep their loyality, Picnic Dodol always tries to maintain its originality and the quality of dodol that whe produce”, said this man who really loves biking.

If you only knew the classic type which you are quite familiar with, now to respond the change of customers’ taste, the customers will experience new special flavors like strawberry, ginger plus honey, durian, cocopandan, chocolate, and sesame flavors. Its packaging also looks more charming. To get on pack of Picnic Dodol with special various flavors you just need to spend IDR 60 thousand. This dodol really fits for your snack time in your leasure time or when you are traveling. ES

Garut is famous for. Why is that? Once, there was someone who brought the idea that this country culinary should be famous in every corner of the city in Indonesia and even abroad.
source : Tourism and Health Magazine

Senin, 09 Juli 2012

Minyak Akar Wangi (Vetiver Root Oil/Andropogon Zizanioides)

Oil vetiver (Vetiver Root Oil / Andropogon zizanioides), is one of the regions typical commodity Garut relatively new, as well as green tea and tobacco which are part of the plantation sub-sector. Vetiver oil has a bright prospect to be developed because it has a comparative advantage is still open, competitive and market share, both domestic and overseas markets.
Vetiver cultivation in Garut Regent's decision was based on the Main Page Number: 520/SK.196-HUK/96 dated August 6, 1996, which sets them vetiver plantation area and its development by the area of ​​2400 hectares and are scattered in four districts, the districts Samarang area of ​​750 ha, covering an area of ​​210 ha Bayongbong District, covering an area of ​​240 ha Cilawu District, and District area of ​​750 ha Leles. Of the development area, the area under cultivation in each year at an average of 12 400 ha with vetiver oil producing an average of 54 tons. Recorded in the year 2400 ha of plantation land size, vetiver oil producing as much as 72 tons.

Vetiver development activities involving 4027 members of the community (family head) consisting of 1964 men and 2063 as the owner of the farmers / cultivators. They were joined in the 28 farmer groups that spread in the District Samarang and Pasirwangi 18 Farmers Group, Leles 5 Farmers Group, Farmers Group and Cilawu 4 Bayongbong 1 Farmers Group. The number of processors or refiners as much as 33 units scattered in the District Samarang and Pasirwangi 21 units, Leles 9 unit, and Cilawu Bayongbong 1 unit 2 unit.As one of the basic material for the manufacture of perfumes and other cosmetics, vetiver oil marketing until recently had no major obstacles. Garut vetiver oil production capacity in accordance with its all absorbed by the market at reasonable prices (the price in accordance with prevailing rates), However, the actual price can still be optimized again, if the quality is optimized.

To date in accordance with existing data, which absorbs the overseas market Garut vetiver oil products are entrepreneurs from Asia, Europe and America in particular countries such as Singapore, India, Japan, Hong Kong, England, Holland, Germany, Italy, Switzerland , and the United States. Export opportunities for the marketing of vetiver oil that is still quite open, especially exports to South Asia and East Asia, Eastern Europe and South America. Especially when you consider that the number of the manufacturer or a competitor countries in the international market is still very limited.

Currently the only country that mengbangkan Borbon Tahitti and the same type of commodity. Vetiver oil production from Garut including nominative world, but production is still very limited in both technology and capital. In the last year the sales value of vetiver oil exports amounted to 23 520 kg valued at U.S. $ 1,516,208.00. Although the volume of exports has increased from an originally worth 1,175,920.00, but the production capacity of exports declined from the previous year to reach 29 100 kg.Some of the problems arising in connection with the development of vetiver oil commodities, among others:

A. Commodity trade system path vetiver is still too long, especially if associated with the presence of the broker (broker);
2. Lack of cooperation among fellow owner / manager of refining, the limitations of the owners of capital, and access to capital;
3. Adequate mastery of technology limitations, so that the resulting quality of vetiver oil is still relatively low.Source: District Government Main Page


Water is called the waterfall Newbie tejun because, according to local stories in 1968 there was a young woman who put her child from the top of the waterfall, so the waterfall is called the waterfall Newbie. When viewed from this waterfall forms have two waterfall, which symbolizes the presence of a great mother and a small baby symbolizes the baby.Curug infant with height? 45 M has become Objects And Fascination (hereinafter disngkat ODTW) since 21 April 1996. Newbie waterfall is a kind of natural ODTW located in the village Cikandang Cikajang Garut district of West Java Province. Newbie waterfall itself is managed by PT. Plantation owned by PT Nusantara. Papandayan plantations. Operating time of this Newbie ODTW waterfall starts from 9:00 to 16:30 o'clock. This ODTW administrative boundaries as follows:

North: Mount Papandayan
South: Mount Geder
West: Village Cikandang
East: District Pamulihan

Distance from the capital district region Cikajang? 5 km, while the Main Page of the Capital District? 31 Km. Newbie waterfall itself is at an altitude of 250 M above sea level with the general configuration of the land because it is situated at the foot of hills and slopes Papandayan sloping land and steep rate stability and absorption in kawsan soil is good and low levels of abrasion. This type of soil material that is in the form of a rocky clay and gravel. Newbie waterfall has crystal clear water, the smell of normal water and cold temperatures. There is a season during which the influence of dry season water discharges less. Dominant flora around the waterfall Newbie is a pine tree, papaya and other wild plants. While the fauna found in the region, namely monkeys and snakes. Visabilitas quality and environment in the region is relatively good, although there is little pencamaran trash and vandalism in the rocks caused by visitors. 

 There is also a signpost and a bit of advertising signs. Source of electrical power in the region comes from PLN to 220 volts. Sources of fresh water from the waterfall itself that debits are not limited and the quality of crystal clear water, fresh taste and smell normal. Sewage system in Curug Newbie is through septic tanks and irrigation systems in good condition. While the communications system in this region is a walkie talkie with the number 6 pieces in a sufficient condition.Within this region there are several food stalls and souvenir, which menjualtangan and household appliances. There is a parking lot with an area of ​​500 m2 with a capacity of 10 buses, 20 cars and 50 motorcycles. There is also an entrance in pretty good shape.  

In the region there are also two pieces of toilet that also functions as a dressing room and a place to rinse the poor condition of the building. In the region there is also a waterfall Newbie shelter.di this area there is also a gatehouse security facility that also serves as a heading the ticket. Road access is available this region is along the 700 m highway with road width 3-5 m, m sepanjang200 village roads, and trails the length of the ladder? 200 m. Tourists visiting the waterfall Newbie comes from Garut, Bandung, Bogor and Jakarta


Ngamplang is a tourist resort in the city of the Dutch colonial past with Index.php sinatorium Ngamplang name and had been visited by Charlie Chaplin, Queen of the Netherlands, the French prime minister and other officials. Currently serves as Ngamplang 9 Hole Golf Course in the foreground and background Garut town of Mount Cikuray.

Rabu, 04 Juli 2012

Great Mosque

Great Mosque Silent Witness History Main Page Main Page - Like the Great Mosque which stands in another district capital, Grand Mosque Garut too often become a transit point for migrants in the country to pray and rest. Their choice is wrong. Especially in the courtyard area and around the square there are a number of food vendors Garut that we can choose to fill the stomach after a weary journey.
Garut Great Mosque occupies a land area of
​​4480 m2, located on Jl. Ahamd Yani north Garut Square Main Page. The mosque is a central religious (Islam), and became the main mosque in Garut.
Speaking of the Great Mosque Main Page can not be separated from the actual traces the history of the city and Garut itself. According to historical records, on 15 September 1813 was first built facilities and infrastructure of the capital of the hall, an office assistant resident, mosques, prisons, and the square. But if you see the grave marker is located beside the great mosque, this mosque would be built in 1809 or even earlier. If viewed from the historical record, including the Great Mosque Mosque Garut Priangan oldest on earth.

Great Mosque Garut apparent now not the same as the Great Mosque in the early 19th century. A significant change in the shape of the dome. Garut Great Mosque at that time embraced the concept of overlapping canopies of three or more known as the roof "nyungcung." Experiencing several renovations, and the last renovation thoroughly dilakkukan on 10 November 1994 and diselesakan on August 25, 1998.
Hopefully, the existence of a silent witness to the history of this Main Page is maintained, unlike the other great mosques that can not come forward as an icon for the city center was surrounded by a mall and office buildings.

Pasar Ceplak Culinary

Pasar Ceplak Culinary Sites Main Page Main Page with the very fitting slogan dubbed plashing markets located in Jalan Siliwangi Garut as a place of complete culinary and cheapest in Garut, may be the cheapest in Indonesia. This market is a culinary market that is only open at certain times, rather start beraktifias in the afternoon around 16:00 pm until nightfall at about 22:00 pm. In this place you can find a range of culinary Garut and other snacks at very cheap and this place is the main attraction for connoisseurs of culinary water including foreign soil. Although the block of Main Page plashing market is only five feet range culinary kiosks with simple but proven diplay from time to time this place became one of the best culinary destinations by tourists destination outside the city Garut. Although the present with the simplicity and for some people impressed 'pabalatak' but again this is what became one of the market surplus plashing as a culinary center in the town of Garut the main attraction of all people without exception. Oh yes for baraya see also tips Effective Internet Advertising Offers Qualified Indonesia before getting ready to try out a complete culinary menu at Market plashing Garut.

Typical Food Dodol Garut

Dodol Garut a typical food of Kab.Garut and as one of the commodities that also the name of Garut in Indonesia even to foreign countries. Commodities has been going on since 1962, spearheaded by Mrs. Karsinah using a simple manufacturing process and ways and along with the development time, Dodol Garut continues to grow and remains one of the typical cuisine and also commodities Main Page Main Page This is a proud and loving citizens Garut. Dodol was also found in many other areas besides Garut, but lunkhead Garut has many advantages compared with the lunkhead from other cities in Indonesia. Even with a simple way of processing though it still did not reduce the smell, and is also one of the distinctive characteristics of a snack called lunkhead. Garut Dodol sebdiri made from natural ingredients and contain no preservatives, however lunkhead arrowroot can last up to approximately three months. Now the name of arrowroot growing lunkhead flying as typical food Garut, many industries and even small industries developed this Garut commodity products with creative and new innovations such as improved quality and packaging are increasingly dynamic. Various types of dodol arrowroot can be found in shops selling typical souvenirs Garut even in small shops even if we got it very easily. Taste and distinctive aroma make dodol Garut much-loved by many people, including tourists visiting the town of Garut and choose lunkhead as souvenirs. Did not complete it if you come to town and did not bring Dodol Main Page Main Page as souvenirs for loved ones at home.